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Fri, 07/09/2021 - 21:49
1,2Ha Plot for sale South of Windhoek
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1,2 Ha Plot (Agricultural - so no Body Corp and Municipal Plans Needed) 


a.) Game Fences: Fenced in completely with 1,8m High Game Fence and ready for Electric Fencing- all bobbers and               extra's in place. Only needs Energizer and Battery

b.) Borehole 80m delivers at 60m 3Cubic per hour +_, includes Solar Convertible pump, Piping, electric Cable and                   Control, 5m high Steele Stand, 5000L Tank, tap and piping

c.) Open Barn ready to be enclosed as Barn dominium or house or Hall, 20m x 12m x 6m 

d.) Complete Ablution Blocks - Girls 3x Toilets, 2x Showers, 4m Concrete Basin with 4x Tabs  - outside deep Basin for             Camp Dishes                    - Boys 2x Toilets, 3x Urinators, 2x Showers, 4m Concrete Basin with 4x Taps

e.) Constructed build in "Donkey" with fancy Bricks - heat pipes connected for warming water - back of Ablution 

f.) Complete wooden Jungle Gym for kids - slide and monkey Bars, swing Frame and some shade netted roofs 

g.) Steel Gate with Gate Motor Centaurus  - (Energizer, battery and solar not included) 

PRICE: N$ 1,8 Million Including Transfer fees