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Jacobus Garoeb
Wed, 06/30/2021 - 22:13
JJ INSTALLATIONS cc company is one of the best companies which you can entrust with any installations.
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DSTV. GO TV.NBC TV. CCTV Cameras. Alarms. AMI TV. Miracle TV. Prophetic Channel and many more Church Channels Installer:

1) Are you struggling with your NBC TV, GO TV or DSTV Signal?

2) Are you happy with your cables behind your TV?

3) We are mounting any type of Mirrors.

4) We are mounting Projectors and screens.

5) We are mounting any type of Picture frames.

6) We are mounting curtain holders.

7) We are mounting flats screen TVs and Decoders.

8) We are installing full CCTV cameras and Alarm systems.

9) We are installing GO TV, NBC TV and DSTV Installations.

10) We are installing Extra View and TV Link installations.

11) We are mounting any type of Speakers or sound systems.

12) We are installing Gate motors and electric fens.

13) Do you have a problem with your EXPLORA / PVR HD Decoder?

14) Do you have a problem with your Prophetic channel or any other Christian/

Gospel channel viewings?

15) We are Installing Emmanuel TV. Prophetic Channel and many more GOSPEL CHANNELS.

16) We are also doing Full Installations for Flatses, Guess houses, Hotels and Lodges.

17) We are also selling Free to Air Decoders for the Gospel channels, DSTV Dish, Decoders, Cables, LNB?s, TV Link Eye, Decoder remote controls, flat Screen TV Brackets, CCTV cameras and alarm system equipment's and many more home security.

For more info. Please contact:

Mr. Jakes

Mobil: +264812057390

Email:[email protected]

WhatsApp: 0812057390

Thank You Very Much!!!

May God Bless You...