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Fri, 05/24/2019 - 20:07
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Design, implement and administer a new policy of benefits and well being programmes for pensioners, those who have helped build the country.

Spend less on unimportant infrastructure and more on a policy for health care for our citizens.

Invest in our public hospitals and maintain a high level of quality / standard. 

Encourage and conclude more international investments / partnerships into the economy. 

Create a culture of being more proactive and not reactive.

Organise and host more career exhibitions / support programmes for the youth. 

Design, implement and administer a new system for procurement and spending of state funds as well as the efficient management and reporting of it within SOE's and other governmental departments. Increase the level of accountability. 

Host more platforms and discussions on corporate governance / ethics in order to create a better understanding.  

Produce and manufacture more final products locally for export and import less. 

Seek more advice and involvement from our economists on economic matters. 

Plan and create a vision for the country which is decades / centuries away. 

Namibia has a lot of unused / available land. Establish incentives / plans to grow the agricultural sector in order to increase both the level of sustainability and the export market. 

Reduce the amount of high level civil servants to a sizeable and efficient number.