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Email (electronic mail) is the transmission of messages over communication networks and service providers such as Gmail and Outlook. Email is the most frequently used communication medium in the (business) world.


The advantages of using email as a communication medium in your business:

- Email is a free and effective communication tool. Other than your internet connection costs and the optional purchase of a custom domain, email is free. For anyone to use.

- Email is simple to navigate and easy to use. If you use service providers such as Gmail and Outlook, you can choose the layout of your email inbox.

- Email enables quick client communication with the assistance of an email alert system (an alert such as a desktop notification of a new email message).

- Email is paperless and environment-friendly.

- Email reduces the costs and waiting duration of shipping and mailing.

- Email provides instant access, easy referencing and availability to documents, information, messages and files from anywhere. All at the tip of your fingers.

- Email allows you to send an unlimited number of messages, videos, files, presentations, and documents to multiple people at once. You can enable read receipts and prioritize each email according to its importance.

- Email enables you to create/manage events and meetings which you can integrate with your busy calendar.


The disadvantages of using email as a communication medium in your business:

- Email attachments can easily contain viruses (most email service providers scan incoming emails for viruses on your behalf).

- To receive/send email messages, you MUST have an internet connection.

- An unprotected email inbox can easily be accessed by others such as hackers. Therefore, if you’d like to share sensitive or confidential information, email might not be the best option.

- Constant Email notifications or alerts is a distraction and constant maintenance does require a bit of time. Attend to your email inbox at least twice a day or have an email communications specialist (that’s where I come in! ?) manage your email inbox for you. This will prevent your email inbox from potential overload or even worse, dismissed/unread emails from your clients.

- Email messages can lack emotion and will often cause misunderstandings due to misinterpreted emotions.

In all honesty, using email as a communication medium in your business can significantly grow your business in ways you couldn’t imagine.

Let me know in the comments below if you’re a creative entrepreneur who hasn’t been using email to it’s best potential so we can talk!